SI1145 UV IR Visible Light Sensor I2C
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The SI1145 is a new sensor from SiLabs with a calibrated UV sensing element that can calculate UV Index. It\'s a digital sensor that works over I2C so just about any microcontroller can use it. The sensor also has visible and IR sensing elements so you can measure just about any kind of light - but only the UV sensor has a calibrated output so if you need precision Lux measurement check out the TSL2561. If you\'re feeling really advanced, you can connect up an IR LED to the LED pin and use the basic proximity sensor capability as well.



1. IR Sensor Spectrum: Wavelength: 550nm-1000nm (centered on 800)
2. Visible Light Sensor Spectrum: Wavelength: 400nm-800nm (centered on 530)
3. Voltage Supply: Power with DC 3-5V
4. Output Type: I2C address 0x60 (7-bit)
5. Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 85°C


Pin Configurations:

Vin – This is the input to the voltage regulator. Power is 3-5VDC. Reverse polarity protection.
GND – This is the ground pin for the signal and power supply, connected to the ground pin of the microcontroller.
SCL – This is the I2C clock pin that is connected to your I2C microcontroller clock main pin.
SDA – I2c data pin that is connected to the master data I2C pin of its microcontroller.


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GY-1145 Breakout Board x 1pc

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