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This is MCP2515 CAN Module TJA1050 Receiver SPI 51 Single Chip Program Routine Arduino with this module, you will easy to control any CAN Bus device by SPI interface with your MCU, such as Arduino UNO and Compatible with Arduino based microcontroller projects.

The MCP2515 CAN Bus Interface Module implements the CAN 2.0B protocol for robust distributed MCU communication networks.


Features :

  • Supports CAN V2.0B specification, the communication speed 1Mb/s.

  • 0 to 8-byte data field. With the standard frame, expand the frame and remote frame.

  • 120 ohm termination resistors. With impedance matching, ensures the drive capacity, long-distance data transmission against signal radiation.

  •  Industrial standard 9 pin sub-D connector

  • OBD-II and CAN standard pinout selectable.

  • Changeable chip select pin

  • Changeable CS pin for TF card slot

  • Changeable INT pin

  • Screw terminal that easily to connect CAN_H and CAN_L

  • 2 Grove connectors (I2C and UART)

  • SPI Interface up to 10 MHz

  • Standard (11 bit) and extended (29 bit) data and remote frames

  • Two receive buffers with prioritized message storage



  • 5V DC power supply module, SPI interface protocol control.

  • Working current: 5mA (1 μA standby current. Except the power indicator).

  • SPI Interface up to 10 MHz

  • The working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

  • Module size (mm): 40 * 28 

  • Positioning screw hole center spacing (mm): 38 * 23


Pinout of MCP2515 CAN Module:

Pin Name USE
VCC 5V Power input pin
GND Ground pin
CS SPI SLAVE select pin (Active low)
SO SPI master input slave output lead
SI SPI master output slave input lead
SCLK SPI Clock pin
INT MCP2515 interrupt pin


Wiring diagram:


Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

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