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Product features:

  • Meet UL, CE requirements,

  • Ultra-thin, ultra-small

  • All voltage input (AC: 90 ~ 245V)

  • Low ripple and low noise

  • Output overload and short circuit protection

  • High efficiency, high power density

  • Dimensions 34 x 20 x 15mm, Leads 5mm



Electrical Characteristic

Item Name  Technical Criteria  Unit                          
Rated input voltage  100-240 VAc         
Input voltage range  90-264 VAc 
Maximum input current  ≤0.2
Input current surge  ≤10
maximum input voltage  ≤270 VAc 
Enter slow start  ≤50 mS  
Input Low Voltage Efficiency  Vin=110VAcOutput full-load≥69
Input High Voltage Efficiency  Vin=110VAcOutput full-load≥69
Long-term reliability  MTBF≥100000
Load rated output voltage  +12±0.1 VDc 
Full rated output voltage  +12±0.2 VDc 
Short-term maximum output current  ≥350 mA  
The maximum output current for a long time  ≥250 mA  
Voltage Regulation  ±0.2    %  
Load Regulation  ±0.5
Output ripple and noise (mVp-p) 


Rated input voltage, full load. Using 20MHz of bandwidth, The load side 10uF and 0.1uF capacitor to be tested.
Switch overshoot amplitude  (Rated input voltage and output load plus 10%)≤5 %VO 
Output over-current protection  110-150% of the output maximum load
Output short circuit protection  Direct short circuit at the normal output, automatically resume normal operation after a short circuit removal  



3W Ultra-small Power Module PM03/PM01/PM09/PM12

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